Adezz Corten Round Water Tables
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Our fantastic corten steel round water table is the perfect low maintenance feature!

Made from 3mm thick steel it is sturdy yet sleek and will enhance any outdoor space.

The corten round water table is available in 6 sizes which means you can put it almost anywhere!

Starting out as blue steel, once corten steel is exposed to the elements it will naturally weather over time and develop a protective layer of rust, giving its unique browny orange colour.

The rusting process can take a varied amount of time depending on the weather conditions, but this process can be sped up by simply spraying water & salt mixture onto your water table to reach your desired rustic affect. Once you have reached your perfect rusted look, we recommend using Owatrol corten steel varnish to stop your water table rusting any further. You can add it to your order now by simply Clicking Here

Our Water Tables come standard with LED light & pump.

Select option required:
 1000x400mm(OUT OF STOCK) - £758.00
 1200x750mm - £1039.00
 1000x750mm (OUT OF STOCK) - £879.00
 1450x400mm - £1082.00
 1200x400mm - £891.00
 1450x750mm - £1269.00
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