Lean Dining Chair
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Modern and timeless design · The furniture can be outside all year · Dries quickly after rainfall · Moisture and water-resistant fabric · Recyclable materials · High lightfastness · Long lifespan · Minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Lean is a modern and elegant chair in a stringent, modern design with a high comfort. It is designed by designduo Welling/Ludvik, known for pure aesthetic and letting each detail serve a functional purpose. Lean is manufactured in Cane-line Weave and is stackable.The colour options are timeless and always modern.

Select option required:
 Cane-Line Lean Chair Weave - £250.00
 Cane-Line Lean Chair French Weave - £310.00
Select Colour required:
 Light Grey
 White Grey
Product Code: Lean1
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