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Modern and timeless design · High lightfastness · Indoor/Outdoor product · Scratch-resistant surface · Long lifespan · Minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Joy 180x90 cm and Joy Ø144 (m/teak dia. 120 cm) is the combination of elegant clean lines, and an impeccable design language. The Joy series offers a collection of stylish dining tables for your outdoor space. The tablebase of Joy gives the series its unique expression, which with conical aluminum table legs and its curved shape contribute to an aesthetic and minimalistic look. The tables within the series come in both a round and a rectangular version, and in a darker and lighter color. The tabletops are made of High Pressure laminate (HPL) with a beautiful finish.

Select option required:
 Cane-Line Joy Dining Table 180x90cm - £2,375.00
 Cane-Line Joy Dining Table dia.144cm Fossil Grey - £3,645.00
 Cane-Line Joy Dining Table dia.144cm Fossil Black - £3,645.00
 Cane-Line Joy Dining Table dia.144cm Dark Grey - P.O.A.
 Cane-Line Joy Dining Table dia.120cm Teak - £2,175.00
 Cane-Line Joy Dining Table dia 144cm Tavertine - £3,645.00
Select Colour required:
 Light Grey
 Lava Grey
Product Code: Joy1
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