Whatever space you’ve got…….It Starts with a Pot

‘It Starts with a Pot’ is designed to show people that gardening does not have to be complicated but that it can be straightforward and fun.

We are taking part in this campaign by introducing Pots and Plants inside and outside our office and will be posting pictures on our Twitter account.

Through this campaign we are hoping to encourage more people to enjoy their outdoor and indoor space this spring. We are trying to demystify gardening and demonstrate how just by planting a few pots, or indeed any other containers, you can provide colour and impact to your space effectively

Send us your pictures of your Pot and Plant to info@gardenhousedesign.co.uk or Tweet us @GardenHouseDsgn with the hashtag #plantapot.


Facebook – www.facebook.com/itstartswithapot

Pinterest – www.pinterest.com/startswithapot

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