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March 28, 2013

Shop Spring Collections

Shop Spring Collections

Whatever your style, our Spring collections are sure to inspire! Whether you are looking for a complete season make-over or simply wanting to add a few new and refreshing accessories, we have it covered. Sit back and enjoy our round-up of stylish collections helping you decide how you're going to embrace the outdoors this year.

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             {re-fresh}                         {re-treat}                                {re-define}

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{RE-FRESH} Bringing together beautiful garden accessories allowing you to “pimp” up your outdoor space.. Treating yourself to new items that {refresh} your garden was never easier with outdoor rooms, living walls, stylish furniture, along with pots and planters to dream about…or don’t forget that we offer a garden styling service if you’d like us to do it for you. 

{RE-TREAT} Create continuity of style and colour from the garden into the house with our {retreat} collection. Bringing similar materials inside and out, creates a sleeker look and can also make the your overall spaces appear bigger. Use fibreglass pots, interior living wall planters and stylish furniture to dramatic effort indoors.

{RE-DEFINE} Embracing all sizes of outdoor life, from window-sills to tiny courtyards, this collection brings an array of ideas that allow you to {re-define} any space you have. Imagine one glorious deck-chair, surrounded by mini-living wall planters filled with fragrance plants and a tiny bird feeder to welcome feathery friends.


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