A one-day diary with Debs, our Creative Director as she checks out WWOO!

My Alarm goes off …
At 4.30am which is never a pretty sight as the screen flashes, but somehow, it’s ok as I’m going on an adventure! Hitting the road shortly after, I head to Gatwick and look for details of my flight to Amsterdam.

I’m responsible for…
Everything “creative” hence my title Creative Director. My role is very much about making our company values achieve our mantra of “live outdoors”. From marketing, sales and product sourcing my job is to ensure that we can deliver this in a unique and creative way, and offer a concierge service for everything outdoors. With the vast array of products and services we offer, this is no mean feat, and I’d sometimes love a magic power which allows me to not sleep for one night a week so I could work through, but without the train crash of tiredness that would come afterwards.

Today’s adventure is all about …
Meeting with the UK & Netherlands WWOO Outdoor Kitchen teams at their main headquarters as we have been chatting through partnership plans for 2018 for a while now. After meeting the guys and driving to the offices, I’m getting excited.  It’s brilliant to see products in catalogues, but there is nothing better than seeing the items up close, something we insist on when considering new products for our portfolio.

WOW I wasn’t disappointed …
When we went and had a tour around the outdoor kitchen displays …. OMG they really are fabulous! The ability to create personalised kitchens for my clients is going to be great! We’ve got two colours, both of which are stunning, different cooking elements with gas, wood or coal options, shelves, sinks, and firepits. Not to mention we can create in 3 different heights. We’ll be able to sell direct to our client base of both consumer and trade customers – another huge tick on my agenda.

I’m most excited about …
Ok sorry but it’s the shelves! Outdoor shelves for a clutter monster {aka outdoor stylist} like me is going to make my job so much easier, and I know my clients will also love the fact they can dress their kitchens with herbs, vases, bottles, drinks and really make for a personalised outdoor space.

My most memorable moment …
The hospitality, creativity and enthusiasm of the all the lovely people I met. For us it’s not just about buying a product to sell on, anyone can do that. It’s about the people we are buying from. Our criteria for choosing great products is simple; if we would use it in our own client designs, or have it in our own homes, then it works.

The worst part of my job …
Coming back after a trip like this all fired up and then hitting the to-do list that I had managed to escape from for just a day, but I’m not complaining!

The best part of my job …
What we do! making great outdoor spaces for people to enjoy and encouraging them to live outdoors even longer.

After work …
Arrived home very late in the evening, to a house that was almost asleep, but I still took a little time to look around my own home which we’ve redesigned ourselves, and then popped my head to the back windows to see my own garden, content and excited about WWOO become our next partners!

For more details, see details on our website, and watch this space as we announce our very own WWOO kitchen going into our display centre in February ready for you to get up close and personal.


The Office Gets Outdoors – No Tricks Just Treats!

Venturing out on Halloween isn’t everyone’s cup of tea … or coffee in this offices case, but we leapt at the opportunity to be outdoors! It was more spectacular than spooky for us as we got the opportunity to pop on our Garden House Design jackets and accompany Rensons official photographer Adrian Toon to go snap some shots of our favourite louvered canopies from Autumn 2017!

Renson Camargue. Photo credits – Adrian Toon a2n
On such a beautiful morning we headed straight to the South Coast which was a no brainer considering the fresh sea air that greeted us once we were there. The crisp blue sky made the ideal backdrop for our white Camargue. We sprung into action to make the most of the sunshine and all started snapping away.

We’ve always known what a stunning addition these canopies can be to an outdoor space but being able to be out enjoying one personally was fantastic. We got to sit down for a moment and truly embrace the contemporary and peaceful feel this sleek design had to offer. If there was a coffee going for Debs she couldn’t have been more in her element.

Unfortunately our time here was done, we got some fantastic shots of the Camargue and soaked up just a snippet of outdoor living under the superb RENSON louvered canopy. 

We need not fear that our Halloween adventure was over, we hopped back in the van and headed to our next destination!

Renson Camargue. Photo Credits – Adrian Toon a2n

On the road to our next stop the excitement bounced around the van, after having seen one we were keen to see another. A stunning grey Camargue nestled within beautiful greenery instantly grabbed our eyes… How could it not?

We pulled back the loggialu sliding doors to reveal a fantastic built in hot tub – a little corner of heaven. Needless to say we weren’t able to enjoy this one quite as much as the last due to work uniform not quite being appropriate hot tub attire! Adrian got some amazing photos here really utilising the features the Camargue had to offer, but before we knew it Halloween had taken its wicked turn on us, and it was time to head back to the office.

We don’t know when we will be out and about again, but we will not dwell on that! Instead we take from that day the love of being outdoors, the true realisation that you really can use these canopies for whatever you like – be it a hot tub shelter, a seating area, a kitchen dining area, the possibilities are endless! Our moto has always been ‘live life outdoors’ and now more than ever is the time to be doing it!

Our Halloween truly was only full of treats!


Happy Christmas from Garden House Design

Christmas Tree
The fabulous Christmas tree donated to Chestnut Tree House by Garden House Design

What no Christmas cards from Garden House Design this year? How about a special Christmas tree for our local children’s hospice instead?

This year we decided to use the money we would have spent on Christmas cards on a huge Christmas tree for our local children's hospice, Chestnut Tree House, in Arundel, West Sussex.

Christmas has begun at Chestnut Tree House, as children, families, staff and volunteers gathered to switch on the lights on the giant Christmas tree outside the hospice.

The tree, a 17-foot-high Norwegian Spruce, was donated by, Garden House Design, in lieu of sending Christmas cards this year. We previously helped to build the hospice’s Woodland Walk, which was commissioned by Greenfingers charity and designed by Ann-Marie Powell. The Woodland Walk is a special wheelchair accessible pathway through the woods in the grounds of the hospice, which was completed in 2014 and since then we have maintained a close relationship with the hospice. 

Rod Winrow, Garden House Design Director, said, “Chestnut Tree House is a charity close to our hearts and we are delighted to provide the tree for all the children and families to enjoy over Christmas. We hope our customers and industry colleagues agree this is a far more meaningful gesture than sending corporate Christmas cards this year”.

The tree has been decorated with an incredible 350 LED pixels, kindly donated by Worthing-based Pixelmotif.  These are very special lights as they are brand new in the UK and each bulb is individually fully customisable. As part of the display the lights on the hospice’s tree have been programmed to reflect Chestnut Tree House’s colours of saffron gold with teal sparkles.

David Green, Director of Pixelmotif, said of the Chestnut Tree House, “It is such a unique and amazing place and we really hope the children get a lot of enjoyment from the lights over Christmas.”

The lights were switched on during the children’s Christmas party on Friday 9 December by Santa Claus who made a special early visit to the hospice to join in the fun and deliver presents for the children and young people.

Visit our website to see pictures of the beautiful Woodland Walk we helped to build at Chestnut Tree House, it won an award don't you know?. www.gardenhousedesign.co.uk/chestnut-tree-house

Or to find out more about the amazing work of Chestnut Tree House, please visit www.chestnut-tree-house.org.uk

With best wishes from Rod, Debs and the team at Garden House Design.