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January 29, 2018

A one-day diary with Debs, our Creative Director as she checks out WWOO!

A one-day diary with Debs, our Creative Director as she checks out WWOO!

My Alarm goes off …
At 4.30am which is never a pretty sight as the screen flashes, but somehow, it’s ok as I’m going on an adventure! Hitting the road shortly after, I head to Gatwick and look for details of my flight to Amsterdam.

I’m responsible for…
Everything “creative” hence my title Creative Director. My role is very much about making our company values achieve our mantra of “live outdoors”. From marketing, sales and product sourcing my job is to ensure that we can deliver this in a unique and creative way, and offer a concierge service for everything outdoors. With the vast array of products and services we offer, this is no mean feat, and I’d sometimes love a magic power which allows me to not sleep for one night a week so I could work through, but without the train crash of tiredness that would come afterwards.

Today’s adventure is all about …
Meeting with the UK & Netherlands WWOO Outdoor Kitchen teams at their main headquarters as we have been chatting through partnership plans for 2018 for a while now. After meeting the guys and driving to the offices, I’m getting excited.  It’s brilliant to see products in catalogues, but there is nothing better than seeing the items up close, something we insist on when considering new products for our portfolio.

WOW I wasn’t disappointed …
When we went and had a tour around the outdoor kitchen displays …. OMG they really are fabulous! The ability to create personalised kitchens for my clients is going to be great! We’ve got two colours, both of which are stunning, different cooking elements with gas, wood or coal options, shelves, sinks, and firepits. Not to mention we can create in 3 different heights. We’ll be able to sell direct to our client base of both consumer and trade customers – another huge tick on my agenda.

I’m most excited about …
Ok sorry but it’s the shelves! Outdoor shelves for a clutter monster {aka outdoor stylist} like me is going to make my job so much easier, and I know my clients will also love the fact they can dress their kitchens with herbs, vases, bottles, drinks and really make for a personalised outdoor space.

My most memorable moment …
The hospitality, creativity and enthusiasm of the all the lovely people I met. For us it’s not just about buying a product to sell on, anyone can do that. It’s about the people we are buying from. Our criteria for choosing great products is simple; if we would use it in our own client designs, or have it in our own homes, then it works.

The worst part of my job …
Coming back after a trip like this all fired up and then hitting the to-do list that I had managed to escape from for just a day, but I’m not complaining!

The best part of my job …
What we do! making great outdoor spaces for people to enjoy and encouraging them to live outdoors even longer.

After work …
Arrived home very late in the evening, to a house that was almost asleep, but I still took a little time to look around my own home which we’ve redesigned ourselves, and then popped my head to the back windows to see my own garden, content and excited about WWOO become our next partners!

For more details, see details on our website, and watch this space as we announce our very own WWOO kitchen going into our display centre in February ready for you to get up close and personal.



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