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January 15, 2013

New Season Trends

New Season Trends

Always on the look-out to spot trends first, we nipped into HOME in London, the definitive trade show for the very best homewares and interior accessories.

Whilst perhaps a bit early to really shout out about what trends we might see outdoors, it is always great to see first hand what designers are going to be using on the inside, as we all know that the garden is becoming used as much more of another "room" in the house.

It was lovely to see get in out of the rain and imagine a summer full of picnics, outdoor eating, and generally lazing in the sun. We spotted fabulous bean bags, canvas cubes, outdoor lamps, picnic rugs, and much more. Lots of vibrant colours mixed with the more classic palete of greys and whites allowing customers to really personalise their outdoor areas in a much more stylish fashion. Still good play on animal pictures, scrabble letters, and floral prints playing a big part with geometric shapes seeming very vogue which is easy to replicate outdoors with all the amazing wood and paving products we have to make design features with.

For us this year it's about continuing to create the very best product range full of fun and innovation, yet practical and comfortable at affordable prices. We are looking to ensure that we also keep a "sensible – just in case" approach and choose products and create ideas for shelter, warmth and light to make sure that if we don't all get the ideal summer we can still enjoy our gardens.

Why not consider a wicker basket full of lovely soft blankets ready at the back door, to pop around your shoulders as you sip wine into the evening around a firepit? it dosn't all have to be about sun-tan lotion and sun loungers!

If you spot products, make or sell great outdoor things, let us know we love a good "snoop" around the web sourcing great ideas, and can talk about living outdoors all day long!


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