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February 2, 2018

Lets go OUT…doors for Valentines!

Lets go OUT…doors for Valentines!

With valentines fast approaching, many of you may be stuck on what to do with your evening.
Go out?… Too expensive?
Go out out?… It’s a school night!
Go OUTdoors?… Why not?!

Here at Garden House Design we love getting outdoors, and we’d love to share with you some inspiration to take your valentines OUTdoors this year!

Unfortunately we’ve not hit those long summer nights yet, so lighting is going to be your best friend on valentines! No matter what your budget, there’ll be some fab outdoor lighting options for you to pick from, whether that be cute fairy lights, or intimate LED coloured lighting. Whichever you choose, pop them outside and try to make a concentrated brightness in the middle which gradually fades out towards the edges. This lighting effect ties in great with our next idea…

We don’t expect you to sit down to a full 3 course meal outside in the middle of February, but we’ve got some divine dining ideas for you! Now you’ve got your lighting sorted you need to decide on how you want to dine. On a blanket of throws and cushions, or at an improvised dining table? This choice is entirely down to you, and the only thing that could possibly dictate is choice of food – let’s face it… Eating a self-prepared Michelin star meal isn’t going to be easy on blankets!
Now, if you’re lucky enough to have one of our Uuni or Delivita outdoor ovens, here’s where the magic happens! (Don’t worry if you don’t have one of these, we promise not to leave you out!) You can literally cook whatever takes your fancy, flatbreads, salmon, pizza, vegetables, steaks or really anything that enjoys short cooking times! We would probably choose pizza, but that’s because we can’t go a week without it coming up in conversation in the office. Simply cook up your meal and enjoy!

This requires a tiny bit a preparation, but only to the extent of nipping down to the beach and grabbing 9 stones and drawing noughts & crosses on them. We all played Tic Tac Toe as a kid, and for a light bit of entertainment whilst you’re outside you can’t go wrong!

So that sums up our bit of valentines inspiration for you!

For even more ideas to get you in the mood click here to view our LOVE Outdoors Pinterest board.

Have a good one,


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