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Whatever your style, our Spring collections are sure to inspire! Whether you are looking for a complete season make-over or simply wanting to add a few new and refreshing accessories, we have it covered. Sit back and enjoy our round-up of stylish collections helping you decide how you're going to embrace the outdoors this year.

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{RE-FRESH} Bringing together beautiful garden accessories allowing you to “pimp” up your outdoor space.. Treating yourself to new items that {refresh} your garden was never easier with outdoor rooms, living walls, stylish furniture, along with pots and planters to dream about…or don’t forget that we offer a garden styling service if you’d like us to do it for you. 

{RE-TREAT} Create continuity of style and colour from the garden into the house with our {retreat} collection. Bringing similar materials inside and out, creates a sleeker look and can also make the your overall spaces appear bigger. Use fibreglass pots, interior living wall planters and stylish furniture to dramatic effort indoors.

{RE-DEFINE} Embracing all sizes of outdoor life, from window-sills to tiny courtyards, this collection brings an array of ideas that allow you to {re-define} any space you have. Imagine one glorious deck-chair, surrounded by mini-living wall planters filled with fragrance plants and a tiny bird feeder to welcome feathery friends.

Design & Decorate your Outdoor Space – it’s all in the details!


With daylight lasting a little longer each day, now’s the time to start thinking about your outdoor space. Sure you’ll have a long list of essential maintenance jobs to get done, but also allow yourself some time to think about designing and decorating your new look for 2013. We often find clients comfortable with styling their interiors even if that’s just new rugs and cushions each season, but not so sure about bringing those same principles into their gardens.

Try and find a little time this week or weekend, to take a coffee outside and consider what might get you excited. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

{Lounge in Style} – choose sophisticated but comfy outdoor furniture to maximise relaxing time with friends and family. Consider choosing sofas and benches to make outdoor living areas, as well as the more traditional table and chair options for your outdoor areas. We certainly won’t tell you off for eating pizza with your feet up on outdoor sofa!

Design your own {luscious green living wall} – tried walls, backs of sheds, not at all pretty fences can be instantly transformed with a simple easy to self- install living wall. Add two or three Living Wall Woolly Pockets Planters, fill with soil and lushious ferns, fragrance plants or grow your own crop vegetables.

Add interest with {Planters} – easy to add an instant WOW factor to any outdoor space by adding a few funky and chic garden pots. We stock some gorgeous fibreglass planters in all shapes and sizes allowing you to “pimp” your garden easily.

{Paint} a wall or fence with a vibrant colour – consider choosing a colour that will provide a good background to any planting or features that might sit in front. Could you paint a shed, a summer house, a dull wall or even some trellis to really refresh your outdoor space.

When you coffee-break is over, why not simply look a little further into our website shopping area to see all the lovely items we have to offer here at Garden House Design. As with all of our products, we have picked only the very best, and please don't hesitate about calling us about any of them we are a website with real people to answer your queries.

You could even consider getting one of our {garden stylists} to provide you with further inspiration. This might be a full re-design or a seasonal update.  Simply call us on 01903 774-774 to discuss your ideas.