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ALGARVE CANVAS is our newest canopy to join the Algarve Line collection. Available from October this year, we are very confident this NEW design will make a big impact to any outdoor space!

Choosing this canopy with a fixed roof gives you versatile both in terms of cost and styling for your home.

Need a Carport? This slender aluminium structure boasts a fixed roof thus constituting the ideal solution for a Carport for your car(s) as for a fixed-roof canopy.

The fixed roof is made up of 2 layers: a robust upper roof in painted profiled sheet steel with an anti-condensation coating and an aesthetic lower roof finished with stretched fabric using zip technology, known from the Fixscreen fabric solar shading which Renson has pioneered for many years. The fabric is stretched tight in the structure, with no visible intermediate beams and is available in 8 colours.

All in the same look & feel to match our Algarve Louvered Canopy

This opens up a great many possibilities for your outdoor area. The Algarve Canvas can set beside an Algarve Louvered Canopy with ease, allowing part of your cover to be fixed and other louvered.

Making it your own

The Algarve Canvas can include the following design options;

• Outdoor Curtains

• LED Lighting

• Loggia Sliding Panel Doors

• Windtight Screens - Fixscreen

• Linius Half and Full Aluminium Walls

*indicitive price presented is based on a 3m x 3.9m Algarve Canvas canopy, excluding delivery and installation

From £6,985*
Product Code: Algarve Canvas
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