Algarve® Patio Cover - Louvered Roof
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The Algarve is a simply & elegant patio cover that offers sun protection and a waterproof roof system, equipped with rotating aluminium tiltable blades on the roof.

The aluminium roof blades rotate up to 150 degrees enabling you to decide how much sun protection and/or ventilation you require. When closed, the blades form a waterproof roof. A gutter system drains the rainwater away down the leg columns. Given its sleek and slender design and availability in the full range of RAL colours, the Algarve fits in with any building style: contemporary, traditional or modern.

The Algarve can be made millimetre perfect if you need to fit into tricky spaces, or there is a wide variety of standard sizes, all the way up a maximum of 4500mm x 6055mm in one single unit.
It can also be joined in two parts so that exceptional areas of 6m x 6m can be acheived without the need for middle columns disrupting the view. The roofs will work independantly. Additionally we can design your coupled Algarve to have louvered blades in one part of the roof and a fixed roof in the other part.

To close off the sides of the Algarve, you can choose Automatic Fixscreen Blinds where the sun protection screen will be mounted underneath the frame profiles in the same RAL colour so that it connects perfectly with the overall design concept.

Or, why not consider using the range of Sliding Doors to include Glass, Loggia Wood or Loggia Aluminium, Curtains or even the Linius Fixed Aluminium Walls.

Next add LED lights in warm or cool shade, dimmable and operated by remote control. Choose lights in the roof blades, or along the beams as up and/or down lights with a splash of colour LED if your heart desires.

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**indicitive price presented is based on a 3m x 3.9 Algarve canopy, excluding delivery and installation costs. This price is inclusive of VAT.

From £9,500*
Product Code: AlgarveTerraceCover
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