Camargue® {designed & installed by Garden House Design}

Our RENSON® Camargue gallery aims to showcase just some of our installations using designs with either a single unit or joined together to create really desirable outdoor spaces. You'll see we are spolit for choice when it comes to personalising each design, as we can add automatic side blinds, heating, lighting all at a press of a button. Others we've designed with glass or wooden sliding doors to really allow our clients to live outdoors for longer! Our range allows for free-standing or wall mounted options. Garden House Design are proud to be RENSON® Premium Ambassadors allowing us to give expert advice, accurate quotations, design and manage all our own installations to include any required groundwork. 

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Renson Camargue with Loggiawood sliding door panels
design 1: Freestanding Camague Canopy with electronic fixscreen blinds and loggiawood sliding louvered doors.
Renson Camargue with Loggialu Aluminium Sliding Doors over Half Sunk Hot Tub
design 2: Freestanding Camargue with Loggialu Aluminium Doors over half sunk Hot Tub
Renson Camargue with Loggialu Sliding Metal Doors
design 3: Free Standing Camargue Canopy with sliding Loggialu doors creating a private outdoor dining area
Renson Camargue installed by Garden House Design
design 4: Free Standing Camargue with blinds, lights & heaters creating an outdoor entertaining space with sofas
Renson Double Camargue and Millboard Decks by Garden House Design
design 5: Wall Mounted Double Camargue over millboard composite decked area creating a wonderful family outdoor area
Camargue Louvered Canopy on Roof Top Penthouse
design 6: Camargue Louvered Canopy On Roof Top Penthouse in bespoke RAL colour
Renson Camargue with Loggia Sliding Doors on Terrace
design 7: Free Standing Camargue with Loggia Doors on Terrace
Renson Camargue installed over Hydropool Swim Spa
design 8: Free Standing Camargue designed over a Swim Spa with automatic fixscreen fabric side blinds
RENSON Camargue with glass sliding door panels
design 9: Free Standing Camargue with glass sliding doors to create an exclusive and private outdoor dining space to enjoy all year round
Freestanding Camargue with Loggialu Sliding Doors
design 10: Camargue with Loggialu Sliding Aluminium Doors & lighter blade to structure colour
Renson Camargues can be made in any colour. The one here is ruby red
design 11: Free Standing Camargue made in specific RAL colours are our delight.
RENSON Camargue Canopy with Glass Sliding Doors
design 12: Free Standing Joined Camargue with glass sliding doors created an all year round gym and swim spa area
Renson joined Camargue with Glass Sliding Doors
design 13: Free Standing Double Camargue with glass sliding doors creating a wonderful outdoor room over hot tub & swim spa area
Renson Camargue with Fixscreen Blinds, LED lights & Heater Beam
design 14: Free Standing Camargue with automatic fixscreen blinds to create a private and all year round outdoor lounge area
Renson Camargue Louvered Roof Canopy over Hot Tub
design 15: Free Standing Camargue designed over a hot tub sitting on a decked area
Renson Camargue over an outdoor kitchen
design 16: Wall mounted Camargue over outdoor kitchen and seating area with lights and heaters
Renson Louvered Patio Cover Outdoor Room in a Garden
design 17: Free Standing Camargue Canopy with a mix of glass sliding doors and fixscreen blinds creating the ultimate outdoor room
Renson Camargue with Cedar Loggiawood Sliding Panels
design 18: Free Standing Camargue designed with Western Red Cedar Sliding Doors, mixed with Fixscreen Blinds
Renson Camargue with Fixscreen Automatic Blinds
design 19: Free Standing Camargue Canopy with Fixscreen Automatic Blinds
Renson Camargue Canopy with Glass Sliding Doors
design 20: Wall Mounted Camargue Canopy with Glass Sliding Doors. Designed over Designboard Composite Decks
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