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Living Wall Planters by Woolly Pocket - making "growing your own" even easier

Drive your plants up the wall with one or two Wally Ones! Create an instantly lush vertical garden and experience the magical fun of plants in any environment. Pick the perfect colour for you and get ready to create the perfect living wall designed just for you.

Woolly Pocket - Wally One - 381mm (15") tall x 610mm (24") long, volume = .40 cubic ft.

Get ready to vertically garden on just about any type of wall or fence - indoors and out. Like building blocks, the Woolly Pockets are totally modular. Just line them up and overlap their grommets; grommet center to grommet center measures 22" across and 13" up and down.
Easy enough to Do-It-Yourself and durable enough for professional use, these Living Wall Planters from Woolly Pocket create an instant lush living wall. Just attach your system (universal fasteners & wall anchors are included) then fill the Pockets with soil and beautiful full-sized plants.
The Smart Way To Water
Wally's felt tongue wicks water to the roots, so don't water the plant - water the tongue.
Plants Love Pockets
Wally's breathable front allows excess moisture to evaporate while naturally aerating soil. This significantly reduces any need for drainage and is the best way to grow healthy plants.
Conserve Water
Wally's built-in moisture barrier protects your wall from getting wet. It also creates a small reservoir, allowing Wally's tongue to continue wicking water to roots, conserves water and keeps soil nutrition in your Pocket.
What are they made from?
Woolly Pockets have two main components: the breathable felt and the built-in moisture barrier. The breathable portion is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles that have been industrially felted. The moisture barrier is made according to military standards for impermeability from 60% recycled plastic bottles. We stitch each pocket together by hand with a double lock stitch and strong, UV-resistant nylon thread.
Do feel free to call us at 01903 774774 so that we may advise and help you personally with any living wall requirements. We can also provide full planting design and installation.
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 Woolly Pocket - Wally One Black - £29.99
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Product Code: WoollyPocket-WallyOne
EAN Number: 793573970459
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