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We are so excited to announce that our Vlaze units can now incorporate some of your favourite outdoor kitchen essentials intergrated into the Adapt 120 classic units. The clever chaps at Vlaze simply create a precise and finished cut-out for your Large Big Green Egg* to sit in nice and cosy.

As you'll see the design ensures that you still have plenty of worktop space to the right of the Egg for prep, serving, or just looking cool with cocktails at the ready! Even better to know is that the Egg also only takes up half the cupboard, so you still have plenty of storage underneath the left hand side, as well as full cupboard spacing and shelf on the right. We love it when a plan comes together.

Handbuilt in the Isle of Wight, ADAPT units are designed to be modular, to sit on their own, or side by side with other units. Choose to have on legs or casters on your Komado 120 so you can move the unit around.

*please note that we'll get to our team to quote you seperately if you'd like us to also supply the Large Big Green Egg as the price advertised here does not include the appliance.

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 Vlaze Komado 120 with legs - £2595.00
 Vlaze Komado 120 with castors - £2595.00
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 Iced Coffee
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