Veito Free Standing Heater CH1800RE
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BEST SELLER! This free standing model is complete with an adjustable height stand (820mm-1350mm) and a choice of 4 different temperature settings. This model comes with a long distance remote control that automatically regulates the power consumption based on your chosen temperature and eliminates any annoying hot and cold cyles.

Available in White or Silver!

Heating capacity can be set up to 4 different levels 900W-1200W-1500W-1800W. When the heater is knocked over and not in the full upright position, it will automatically shut down. If the heater exceeds temperature requirements, it will automatically switch itself off. When the timer is set, the heater will automatically shut down at the end of the determined time. With the lightened aluminium body and built in carry handle, it can be easily carried to different usage areas. Adjustable height provides convenience to environment and efficient usuage.

The CH1800RE has a control panel which has a display and push button. Besides the remote control of the radiant heater, the heat levels of the CH1800RE can be adjusted by clicking on the button. The control panel display has a display function, which indicates among other things the current heat settings.

With the remote control of the CH1800RE heater all existing functions and settings can be controlled. The functions are the regulation of the heating levels, activating and setting of the timer function and the activation and setting of the automatic temperature control. All CH1800RE heaters and their remote controls have the same frequency, so it is possible to control several CH1800RE heaters by one remote control. Comes with 2 year warranty.

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