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Enjoy your terrace until late in the evening!

When it gets dark, you can easily turn on the integrated lighting. You can choose between Warm White {perfect for creating ambiance, cosy gatherings etc} or Pure White {perfect for reading etc}. You can also dim the lights so the intensity of light is adapted to every situation.

Perfect integration!

The LED-lighting is fully integrated in the structure of the terrace covering. The cables are concealed and we programme into the remote control to turn off and on and add the dim feature.

In case of an Algarve® & Camargue®, the LED-lighting is integrated in the rotating roof blades. The length of the LED light will be the full length of your roof blade with even distribution without visable bright spots thanks to high-quality LED {180 per meter}. Lights can be designed in either bright white or warm white.

In the case of a Lagune® or Toscane the LED-lightning is integrated in the roof structure.

All the aluminium profiles on our LED modules are powder coated to match your chosen patio cover's main RAL colour.

You can order at the same time as your louvered roof or we can retrofit afterwards.

Product Code: LED Roof Lights
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