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Introducing our 3000x3000mm Algarve Canopy Combo, from just £8,000.00 including VAT.

By opting for this combo you can get yourself an amazing 3000x3000mm louvered roof canopy and £250 voucher to spend on anything you see on our website!

Our simple and elegant Algarve patio cover offers sun protection and a waterproof roof system, equipped with rotating aluminium tiltable blades on the roof.

The aluminium roof blades rotate up to 150 degrees enabling you to decide how much sun protection and/or ventilation you require. When closed, the blades form a waterproof roof in normal showers. A gutter system drains the rainwater away down the leg columns. Given its sleek and slender design the Algarve fits in with any building style: contemporary, traditional or modern.

Why not add a little extra!

Now you've got your canopy sorted, we have different packages that can make your canopy really come to life!;

  • choose from 1 Fixscreen Blind & 2 LED Lights in the roof
  • choose from 2 Fixscreen Blinds & 2 LED Lights in the roof

Simply see the other 3x3m Combinations to choose your favourite.

What about delivery and installation?

So it's easy to work out the delivery and installation cost, we won't charge more than £450.00 delivery and £2,000.00 for installation {price variations are simply subject to site survey, location and will be dependant on which combination you opt for}. These will be quoted seperately by our design team.

If you would like more information on how to get this combo installed in your own garden, please feel free to call one of our design team now on 01903 774774

£8,000.00 incl VAT. {Excludes delivery and installation}
Product Code: 3000x3000mm Algarve
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